Please subscribe to log into the VIP channels of LifeJive Radio. Once you are a member and you have logged into your account, you'll be able to access the VIP LifeJive stations at 320k Audiophile Quality.

Coming Fall 2012, new VIP Only stations will be added to the LifeJive network. These stations will not be made available to the public and for $3 you can hear all this great music commercial free!

Why is there a charge for these VIP stations?
Since this is a hobby... a very costly hobby, I am not able to afford the expensive bandwidth necessary to broadcast the stations at 320kbps free of charge. The $3 per listener just barely covers my cost for the monthly bills LifeJive accumulates. So it may not seem like it, but from my perspective, LifeJive is still non-profit and commercial free. If you have any questions about LifeJive VIP servers or have trouble logging in, please email me directly from the contact link at the bottom of this page.

Ben Hendrix


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